Repairing Drain Under Kitchen Sink


Repairing Drain Under Kitchen Sink

One of the very common problem that bothers most homeowners is the of blockage or leakage of drains especially those of the sinks. Kitchen is the most frequently used part of house while kitchen sink is the part regularly used throughout the day. Thus, it is supposed to be in a well maintained and perfect working condition. In case of drainage issues, fixing them early on is one of the wisest course of actions one would take because otherwise it can cause great water damage to your house and lead to more problems than you can handle.

Signs of Trouble

The signs signalling you about the trouble includes foul smelling from under the sink cabinet, dampness of wall below your sink, rotting of sink base etc. These problems are usually at the back or under the sink and can go unnoticed for a longer time. But the damage caused should be repaired immediately. Otherwise the growing problem would affect the area underneath as well as the things stores in the cabinet.

Pipes and Seals of the Kitchen Sink

Identification of the problem before continuing would assist you in getting the problem solved in time. Initially, it’s necessary to check that whether the connections of pipes and seals of the kitchen sink are firmly tightened or not. Because that’s the major issue frequently faced. If the pipes are defective or in case of the loose connections, the supply water comes under pressure that could lead to leakage through pipes. Furthermore, in case of any observed cracks in the pipes, there is a need to replace them.

A Way to Fix the Problem

To check on the components, dismantling of the drain should be done. From the sink basket, strainer should be removed by using pliers and sealants should be applied underneath it. After smoothly applying the sealants, it should be allowed to get dried. Moreover, every screws and washers that are part of the connections should be tightened as well. In order to make sure that whether the connections are secured or not, leaks should be checked by turning on the water. If the problem persists, more sealant should be applied.

Hire Professionals

When one assumes the duty of a plumber themselves instead of referring to the professionals, trouble follows, and such problems could lead to difficulties in future. In order to save money or save an effort to ask for help, most homeowners take on the risk of repairing a problem on their own which might in turn make the entire situation much messier instead of repairing it. One must allow the professionals to step in and have a look at you clogged sinks and leaky faucets before you can incur more damage. So, it is better and probably smarter to hire an expert to look into the matter than exerting your own opinion.

One such certified and experienced plumbing service is provided by Oklahoma City Plumbers. They are adequately trained to install, repair, replace, or unclog pipes, drains, and appliances and provide you with the professional plumbing services that are the solution to all your plumbing problems.

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