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Are you a self made man?

Some examples are: asking the gardener to prune the 40 rose bushes rather than knocking myself out for a week like I did last year; having a weekly appointment with an amazing life-coach; attending an investment support group where ideas for financial betterment abound; cultivating a few like-minded friends with whom I exchange encouragement…and sometimes hand-holding; and asking for help when I need it.  What a concept!

I promised to share with you some of the life-changes I’ve made this past year that are contributing to the healing of my addiction to food.  Deciding that I’m worthy of support and asking for it, is definitely one of the biggest steps toward that goal that has begun to improve the quality of my life!

I am learning that being alive is more than completing the tasks on a check list.  Being alive is also more than a heart that keeps beating.  Being alive, at times, means endurance…but not all of the time…not day after day, month after month.  Being alive is more than waiting to die.

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